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Hard Drive Destruction Service

Hard Drive DestructionFor a state-of-the-art destruction process to protect you and the thousands of bits of sensitive information on your hard drives, call us now!

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Do you have a large amount of hard drives ready for destruction?
For Business Services & Volume Discounts contact Lucy Lucio @ 972 . 765 . 7776.

The tiniest piece of a hard drive, even a shredded fragment, may contain thousands of bits of information, so we provide a high security process to ensure the complete and permanent destruction of your hard drives and all the confidential data they contain. 

  • State-of-the-art process to render the data on your hard drives totally unrecoverable.
  • Powerful destruction equipment approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) for use on top secret and classified data.
  • Listed on the NSA's Evaluated Products List and compliant with DoD requirements and recognized standards and regulations, including FACTA, HIPAA, GLB, DPA, etc.
  • Same process used by national security operations to comply with NSA/DoD regulations.
  • For clients who are serious about the proper destruction of their hard drives.

Starts at $149 for up to 1/2 dozen hard drives!


How Our Hard Destruction Service Works

The entire destruction process is completed on-site at your location providing you an unbroken chain of custody and no opportunity for unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

Step 1:  Our Service Technician arrives for your scheduled appointment. Our destruction equipment can be operated at our vehicle or set up inside your facility for added security.

Step 2:  Each hard drive is first degaussed using a unique, patented machine with reverse polarity technology to demagnetize the hard drive, permanently erasing all data and rendering it completely obsolete.

Step 3:  The serial number for each hard drive is scanned and recorded for documentation on your Certificate of Destruction.

Step 4:  For an extra measure of security, each hard drive is then physically destroyed using a second powerful machine which breaks its platters and damages its heads, motor, and circuit board.

Step 5:  The destroyed hard drives are then locked in a secured bin for delivery to our specialty IT asset recycler where all material components will be refined and recycled.

Step 6:  You are provided a Certificate of Destruction, including serial number(s), upon completion of your service.

Sierra Shred’s "No Hidden Fee Guarantee" means NO additional charges
for service time, travel time, or fuel expenses.



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We have 2 shred bins in our office from Sierra Shred and I don't know what I would do without them!! Karen Deleon